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Delicious Treats -- Baked to Perfection!

The Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique Groomer knows the family dog is family too. And family deserves the very best! For this reason, our gourmet dog treats are all natural, handmade treats…no corn, no soy, no added sugar, no salt and no preservatives.
Most treats are wheat-free, and some are organic and/or grain-free.  Made with top shelf wholesome human-grade ingredients, these delectable gourmet treats are hand rolled, cut, and baked to perfection. Some are also decorated with yogurt icing, yogurt sprinkles or carob.
Birthday pups with cup cake
Cupcakes in box
Birthday dog with cupcake and candle
Birthday cake closeup
And for those SPECIAL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS, we carry wholesome, all-natural, human grade, gourmet BIRTHDAY CAKES AND BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES too! Always in stock and ready for purchase, your dog’s greatest birthday celebration is just a trip away at The Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique Groomer.
Join us and let your pet experience The Purple Pooch Bakery Boutique Groomer’s delightful and healthy gourmet treats. We guarantee each treat will make your barking, lovable, furry family member beg for more!
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